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Wednesday 25th April - Ladies Social Mix-In 10am-12pm. All lady members welcome to join in.

Sunday 6th May - 2 Generation Tournament for Juniors and Adults 10am-3pm. Refreshments served. Please sign up on the notice board.

Wednesday 30th May - Ladies Social Mix-In 10am-12pm. All lady members welcome to join in.

Sunday 24th June - Two Generation Tournament for Juniors and Adults 10am-3pm. Refreshments served. Please sign up on the notice board.

Sunday 8th July - Club Open Day 12pm-5pm. All welcome.

Saturday 14th July - Come and visit us on Chorleywood Village Day - Volunteers please contact Lynda Herity.

Saturday 21st July - As part of the LTA Great British Tennis weekend Chorleywood Seniors Open Day 12pm-5pm.

Sunday 9th September - Club Championship Finals Day. All day. More details to be announced.

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Issue 3 - May 2017

Club Event Reports

Christmas Sing-a-long

In the spirit of this festive season many of our members and friends turned out for our annual Christmas Sing-a-long at the Tennis Club.

If you have people who love singing then this gathering is a great opportunity to express your joy in harmony. As a 'warm up' exercise before the sing-along got underway we got the early birds to crouch and stand, open their vocal chords and wave their arms from side to side. Hmmmm... is that possible? Oh yes they did it.... and did it with great fun and enthusiasm.

Even the most impromptu sing-along needs some organisation to get the singing flowing through continuously. Thank you to Stuart who was in charge of getting the lyrics to flash up on the screen and the three guitarists plucking and strumming to accompany the singers. 

Mr Enthusiasm Bob was the MC and he kept the momentum flowing through effortlessly from one song to another. There were some accomplished singers who belted out the carols, some Christmassy and popular songs with great gusto and no doubt woke up baby Jesus and kept the angels flying even higher above us.

During the break we were entertained by solo performances from Ian Senior and Vartan Malkonian. A memorable treat indeed.

The evening was great fun and entertainment and after 22 songs our vocal chords needed a rest. And yes it was a very satisfying  evening for all the singers despite it was past their bedtime at 11pm. How satisfied you may ask? Well, I went to bed dreaming that I had won six straight sets and every set was six love.

Tournament Reports

Invincibles Spring Season - Final Event 25th March

A two o’clock start thanks to Summertime...attracted a good few more than the three luvees who had enrolled earlier. Thanks to Jane Smith and Bob becoming a Lady we had three courts battling away, each with two mixed doubles pairs......

The weather which looked gruesome around midday had visibly improved by 2pm with some shafts of sunlight, no wind and no rain. So the 12 disciples were a happy bunch and thrashed excitedly away to gain the maximum number of games. After three energy sapping rounds we all enjoyed a break.

Thanks to Elaine we had a wonderful tea with her now famous banana cake and it was time to look at the results. Chris Van Dyck and Steve Hull had both gained the maximum 18 games and so they agreed to play against each other with Frances and Jane Brown who were the two leading Ladies.

Great final set that was so close and went to 5 all before Steve and Jane won 6-5 leaving Steve the Men’s Winner and Jane and Frances tied for first place.

And so Bob spun a coin and Frances won the wine for the third time in a year!!

Happy Wifee Happy Lifee.............



New Years Day 2018 Invincibles

Yes it was raining at 1 pm on New Years Day but that didn’t stop four courts being used to knock up in preparation to battle for the four bottles of wine. Then miraculously the rain stopped and we were off onto round one as the sun emerged, when we were all smiling rather than scowling…

Can’t remember too much about our first match except we were playing when everyone else had finished and was sitting around chatting.. Meanwhile our 5-2 lead had dwindled to 5-5 and we were at deuce on the deciding game. Then we were back to deuce and so it was the sudden death point for our match. A rally developed and then it was the two ladies hitting to each other when finally my Frances was able to volley the ball away for our 6-5 win….

There were some very good players and many of whom had also gained six points for their first matches and so to rounds two and three and then finally to tea and cakes and chat.. Amongst the men there were three max scoring 18 points and for the ladies Frances had 17 points and Merriss was up there too with 16 points.

So the lights went on and round four was played. The Heros of then Day were Jonathan and Nick who had tied for first place with a max scoring 24 points and the Heroine of the Day was Merriss with 22 points. Unfortunately there were casualties who were overcome by tiredness and the cold and hence withdrew at the end of round 3……

The next Invincibles will be held at the beginning of next month Sunday February 4th Watch this space!

Bob Arthy




The Invincibles Spring Tournament - 4th February

Well the Moon was huge in the sky on the 4th February and the sun shone brightly as the Invincibles took to the courts again to commemorate the oncoming of Spring and to have fun competing for bottles of wine.

Three rounds were played before we all sat down to enjoy a chat with Elaine’s cakes and tea. Sue and Jonathan were well out in front having each scored the maximum 18 games.

Come the fourth and final round and everyone was giving their all. However, Sue and Jonathan continued to reign supreme by gaining the maximum 24 game score.

So, to the presentation and Sue and Jonathan were each presented with a bottle of French wine. Then Tom Loh was also presented with a bottle of wine for his impressive positive attitude shown throughout the afternoon.

The 4th February was a wonderful afternoon with so many more winners and no losers…. See you next month if you would like to become an Invincible…

Bob Arthy

The Incredibles Tournament - 27th November

Cold and dark it was just Four Sundays before Christmas when Eleven Invincibles hot lined it to the Walled Garden ready to scrap for the four wine bottles.

Only problem was Eleven Contenders weren't really enough to have the usual fun doubles tournament and ringing round got nowhere. So we had a Men’s Singles alongside the two Fun Mixed Doubles which seemed to suit most and at the end of four hard fought rounds two worthy new Winners in Elaine Loh and Chris Van Dyke reigned supreme with maximum scores of 24 games.

Here's a photo of Chairman Tom presenting prizes to Elaine and Chris inside the Clubhouse because the Moon was Shining  as we finished..

Bestests Bob


The Incredibles Tournament - 30th October

The Incredibles assembled on a coldish, mistyish, cloudy afternoon on Sunday the 30th October at The Walled Garden looking for good competitive tennis sets, having a laugh and of course winning the wine....

Terrific Tom and Wonderful Elaine arrived earlier and had everything organised when Breathless Bob arrived at one pm.   Only one problem - just 10 worthies had braved the elements with Mike and Alison and Jane and Brigitte and Steve and Sandra and Maggie and then Frances arriving making 11 players.

And so the Incredibles became the Invincibles playing on three courts but one  court having to play American doubles in round one. But you can see how keen they all were to begin, each contestant having a fabulous grin............................


When Round 2 began guess what...Yes we suddenly had 12 players for Jeremy, Brigitte's husband had forsaken the Murray match and arrived to play. And so the titanic struggles continued throughout Rounds 2 and 3 and then Tea time with Elaine's delicious Banana cake soon disappearing.

At the top of the Leader Board  with a maximum 18 points was Smiling Sandra Lewis, with Steve Hull and Maggie Macmillan both on 16 points.  So with everything to play for and darkness falling, came the deciding Round 4 and a new record was made with Sandra winning once more and creating a magnificent new record of 24 points...The maximum score..............

......and so to the wine prizes presented by Tom Loh awarded to Sandra and to Steve


Incredibles fun mixed doubles Tournament

All sixteen players agreed the first of the Incredibles Fun Mixed Doubles Tournament held on Sunday October 2nd could have been the best ever...

Hard fought and competitive the rallies which seemed to bring out the best in the players on the four courts throughout the two and a half hours where the battles raged over four sets. The fact there were eight ladies and eight men was a big pleasant surprise as was the lovely Angel Cake that Elaine baked and brought with her.

At half time only three players Frances, Tom, and Paul had won the maximum 12 games. After tea going into the fourth round Paul and Janice had 18 points and Jane John and David had 17 points. As the sun started to disappear in the western sky all orange and yellow the winners were declared with Jane Brown choosing the red wine on 23 points and Paul Willis, even though he played left handed as instructed by Umpire Bob got an amazing, maximum score of 24 games

Winners Paul and Jane

The Caledonian Cup

The annual Caledonian Cup tournament was played on Sunday 23 October on a bright sunny day. A former Men’s Club captain by the name of Alan Mitchell started this tournament. When he returned to his beloved motherland in Scotland 15 years ago Alan wanted to remember his memorable time in Chorleywood where he played his tennis.

By donating this cup and setting up this tournament he gave himself a good reason to revisit Chorleywood annually. Many other captains and players who have moved away from Chorleywood have also used this tournament as an opportunity to revisit Chorleywood Tennis Club in order to meet old friends, make new friends and play some tennis.

On Sunday the nostalgic atmosphere was soon forgotten when the tennis tournament started. Everyone wanted to have his name engraved on the cup. The current holder of this cup Steve Smith, a former Men’s captain, soon found that he had to relinquish the cup to a new winner Paul Willis.

The matches were very competitive because only 3 points separated the 3 top players. Overall it was a fun day blessed by clear blue sky. The men were delighted to be served sandwiches, tea and cakes by Elaine. As usual the banana cake went down a treat. After tennis the bar was open for those who wanted to catch up with news of their old friends.


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